How it all began…

Posted: October 6, 2014 in Wither
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For those readers who already know me, you know that zombies FREAK ME OUT!  Nightmares. Fear of the dark. The whole shebang!  It took me until the start of the 4th season of The Walking Dead to convince myself to finally sit down and watch it.  Once I did…well, there’s no going back now, is there?

I have a love/hate relationship with zombies.  Over the years I have allowed my deep seeded fear of the undead to drive me away from movies like 28 Days, Night of the Living Dead, Resident Evil and so many others.  The only movies I’ve managed to sit through were Shaun of the Dead (cause it’s freakin’ brilliant), Warm Bodies (which I thought was just sort of BLAH) and I am Legend (which wasn’t all that bad).

Rewind two years to a time when I worked closely with two local graphic designers who are delightfully nuts about zombies.  They devoured The Walking Dead (all while TRYING to get me enticed), made zombie videos in their spare time and even created zombie survival military trucks, which are wicked awesome.  So these two started a debate, to see who had the best zombie book idea.  I was to pick the winner and write the book.  There’s only one problem…as brilliant as their well thought out plans may have been, they still involved my next door neighbor wanted to chow down on my arm.    *shivers*

So I had to find a way of creating an alternate zombie theme.  One where zombies may not be the necessary horror that we all expect.  One where they would slowly evolve into a danger, but not begin as one.  I began to think about how to create a horror novel that would reach people on a different level.  Ideas began to brew in my mind.  Some of them were pretty pathetic, I will admit.  Others had promise.  But in everything I brainstormed one idea became very prevalent….the depravity of humans when placed into a survival setting.

Dirty concrete wall illuminated by lamp

Once upright citizens could be reduced to desperation driven murders.  This sparked the idea for WITHER.

The question was no longer “should we fear zombies?” but rather “should we fear humans?”  Or more specifically HUMAN NATURE.



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