Interview: Cable Blackwell

Posted: October 20, 2014 in Uncategorized


Cable Blackwell1Interviewer: What were your feelings when you first got your orders to deploy to St. Louis MO to help control the rioting?

Cable: ” Some pretty messed up shit as going down all over the place.  St. Louis, New York, LA…didn’t really matter where I was deployed. People were dying and I was sent to stop it.”

Interviewer:  Did you find it difficult to remain positive while you watched the world fall in decay?

Cable: “People do bad things, especially when they feel endangered.  It doesn’t take much to really see a person’s character when their life is on the line.  I’ve taken down some pretty vile creeps, but those aren’t the ones who surprise me. It’s the mom who turns on her own child, the brother who leaves her sister behind, the priest who sacrifices people on the streets and claims its salvation.  It’s sick.”

Interviewed: Our readers would like to know why you chose to stick by Avery’s side when you had justifiable reason to believe that she was turning.

Cable: “Most guys probably would have left her behind, but I’m not most guys.  No matter how twisted this world gets I have to believe that there is still good in it.  Still hope that the world can go back to the way it was before.  If I’d left her behind, I’d be no better than the people I try to keep in line on the streets.”

Interviewer: Did you always know that you would head south?  Was there a specific reason for that direction choice?

Cable: “Let’s just call it a feeling.   I just…I guess I felt drawn there.  I know that doesn’t make any sense, but it’s the truth.”

Interviewer: Could the location of your brother have had anything to do with it?

Cable: “Lenny?  Yeah, I guess its possible. Maybe I wanted a familiar face around while we tried to figure things out. Lenny is a good guy. Someone you can depend on.  He’s a survivor.”

Interviewer: Is there any one person in your group that you worried about the most?

Cable:  “Some people have that look and feel about them that sets off warning flags.  Sal Jenkins had sleazy written all over him.  I definitely slept with one eye open when he was around.”

Interviewer:  You don’t seem like a man of many words.  Have you always been like that?

Cable:  “Yeah. I spend a lot of time thinking, watching people.  You can tell a lot about someone when you pause long enough to just watch.”

Interviewer: Is that why you felt so strongly about Avery? You saw something in her that she didn’t, right?

Cable: “It’s easy to be blinded to the truth. Sometimes the walls we build aren’t to keep people out, but to keep themselves from being seen. Avery is a tough girl, but she’s got weak spots just like everyone else.  She see’s them as weakness but in reality its what makes her strongest.”

Interviewer: Do you think there will ever be a cure?

Cable: “Sure do.  That’s not what I’m worried about.”

Interviewer: What are you worried about then?

Cable:  “That there won’t be anyone left alive to use it!” 


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