beautiful red head woman with freckled face and blue eyesAVERY WHITLOCK

Age: 21

Hair:  Ginger

Eye: Hazel

Occupation: Undecided

Birthplace:  Small Podunk town in KY

Current Residence: St. Louis MO, but not by choice

Personality: Spit fire. Bull headed. Aggressive. Independent. Street smart. Suspicious.  Trust issues.  Survivor.

Background: Grew on the wrong side of the tracks.  Neglective mother.  Brother abandoned the family.

Strengths: Thinks for herself. Not afraid to voice an opinion.  Willing to do what it takes to survive.  Can lead when needs to.

Weakness: Spent too many years relying on herself.  Struggles to lean on those around her.



Age: 23

Hair:  Dark Blond

Eye: Brown

Occupation: Marine

Birthplace:  Charleston SC

Current Residence: Stationed at Paris Island SC.  Deployed to St. Louis MO

Personality: Optimist.  Introspective. Thinks before he acts. Planner.  Leader. Strong Willed. Intelligent.  Compassionate.  Self-sacrificing. Survivor.

Background: Switched between living with his mom or staying with his dad and step-brother Lenny.  Dysfunctional home.  Enjoyed the rigidity of military life.

Strengths: Leader. Skilled fighter. Military training. Willing to make the hard decisions and follow through.  Strong.  Pushes through pain or illness.

Weakness:  Willing to do whatever it takes to save an innocent.  Caves a bit too easily to Avery’s whims.



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