Zombie obsessed?



  • You attend your first gun show (as a girl) and get excited.
  • You issue death threats on Facebook and Twitter to anyone who dares to post a spoiler of this week’s WALKING DEAD.
  • You spot a Walker on the side of a country lane, only to realize they are just a perfectly normal hitch hiker.
  • You start to look at your neighbors to see who might be the slowest among you.
  • You plot out the exact route and time it takes to get to your child’s school in case of the apocalypse.
  • You purchase a multi pocketed military backpack at a rummage sale…just in case.
  • You think “I can fit just one more can” of food in your survival bunker
  • You purchase a zombie book just because it has a wicked awesome cover…without reading the back.
  • You stare at the WALKING DEAD bobble heads in Walmart and ALMOST buy one.

  • You find yourself wondering just how many rolls of toilet paper you will need after the world goes down the crapper
  • You buy camping gear…because its on clearance.
  • You keep a fully stocked first aid kit for “safety reasons”
  • While driving a golf cart you note just how quite this baby can be and make a mental note to keep it fully charged at all times.
  • You look at a motorcycle and think of Daryl.
  • You look at a crossbow and think of Daryl.
  • You buy a baseball bat…but you don’t play baseball.


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